Minutes 4th August 2021

The Minutes of a Meeting of the Parish Council held on Wednesday 4th August 2021 at  Anstey Village Hall at 7.30pm

Present: Cllr’s Mrs H Warne (Chair), Miss J Gannon, R Gibson, J Griffin, Miss L Moore and I Vigus.
In attendance: Three members of the public and the Clerk, Mrs J Larcombe.

42/08/21. To receive apologies. Apologies were accepted from Cllr’s R Milton and Miss R
Warne. Apologies were received from District Cllr E Ley.

43/08/21. Disclosure of interests in items on the agenda. There were no disclosures.

44/08/21. To agree the minutes of the meeting held on 7th July 2021 as an accurate
record of the meeting. The minutes were agreed as an accurate record of the
meeting and they were duly signed by the Chair.

45/08/21. Matters arising from the minutes, not covered on the agenda. There were no
matters arising.

46/08/21. Public Questions. There were no questions from the members of the public.

47/08/21. Planning
a) To make a recommendation on any planning applications received by
the council before the meeting. No applications received.
b) To note any decisions made on planning applications by NDC. No
decisions received.
c) Any other planning matters. The Clerk reported that she had emailed Maria
Bailey, NDC Service Manager (Development Control) regarding the Parish
Council’s concern that no enforcement action is being taken regarding the mobile
home at Oaklands Poultry Unit. Permission was refused for planning application
63426 (Retrospective application for change of use of land to allow siting of
mobile home as temporary agricultural worker’s dwelling at land at Part Hillands,
East Anstey) on 21st March 2019 but it is still on site and being lived in. Ms Bailey
will be speaking to the enforcement team to find out more about this.
It was reported that changes have been made to the website for the Jubilee Inn
and it now states that it is a private country home and the owners are only
welcoming special friends to enjoy their hospitality, although they welcome
enquiries to support charity events and it’s local community. There is a risk that
the property, what was the only local pub, could be sold and lost to the
community. At the Parish Council meeting held on 6th November 2019 it was
agreed under item 90/11/19 to make an application to nominate the Jubilee Inn
as a community asset but this had not been done. It was agreed that this should
be done, and the nomination made as soon as possible.

48/08/21. Highways: any highways issues. The verges on one side of Woodburn Cross
have been cut but on the other side they haven’t, and they are overgrown and
visibility is poor. This is the result of the Mid Devon section of highways being
responsible for one side and the North Devon section being responsible for the
other side.

49/08/21. Reports
a) District Cllr. No report.
b) County Cllr. No report.

Cllr Vigus joined the meeting.

50/08/21. Finance: to approve invoices for payment. It was resolved to make the
following payments:
Mrs Jill Larcombe – £103.90 Clerk’s salary and expenses (Payment ref: 2122/15)
West Anstey Village Hall – £9.00 room hire (Payment ref: 2122/16)
Ridd & Son – £160.00 grass cutting (Payment ref: 2122/17)

It was reported that on 31.07.21 the bank balances were Unity Trust Bank
Current account – £6,239.81 and Unity Trust Bank Instant Access Account –
£5000 has been received from North Devon Council, 50% of the £10,000 Climate
& Environment Grant.
A VAT reclaim of £1,024.49 has been applied for.
The Clerk reported that Ridd & Son have quoted £15 per cut to cut the area
around the village sign near Hawkswell Cross.

51/08/21. Play Area
a) Any issues arising from playground inspections. There were no issues to
b) To agree who will carry out inspections for the next month. Cllr Mrs
Warne will continue carrying out the inspections.
c) Update on the working party arrangements. A working party will be
arranged on the next dry weekend. Cllr Mrs Warne might make a start on her own mid-week.

52/08/21. Correspondence. West Anstey Village Hall Committee have not been able to
discuss the name change consultation as they couldn’t hold their July meeting.
They hope to discuss this at their meeting on 9th August and there could be
another suggestion to put out to consultation.
Cllr Vigus commented on the amount of Ragwort on the roadside verges,
including on the A361 and asked for it to be reported to DCC. The Clerk noted
that DCC no longer remove Ragwort from the verges.

53/08/21. To agree the date of the next meeting. It was thought that very little will have
changed by 1st September and the next meeting could be delayed until 6th
October 2021 unless a planning application is received or there is any other
urgent business.