Parish Defibrillator Action Line – the defibrillator is sited at East Anstey Primary School


East Anstey Sign

East Anstey Parish lies in the heart of beautiful unspoilt English countryside which has been designated as an area of ‘Great Landscape Value’ Located on Devon/Somerset boundary, the parish is within the South Molton Rural County Division of North Devon District Council. The adjacent Parish services are provided by Somerset County and West Somerset District Council.

The name ‘Anstey’ is derived from the Old English word ‘an-stiga’ meaning ‘a hill pathway for one’; i.e. a narrow pathway. The name remains today because, like our older neighbouring village of West Anstey our village consists of houses dotted along the sides of a long narrow road. There are currently 225 people on the Electoral Roll in the Parish in some 95 households.

Within the Parish there is a school, East Anstey Primary School, and a church, St. Michael’s Church. The Village Green, with a children’s play area, is in the centre of the village. The national flag and village flag are flown on the flagpole here on appropriate occasions.

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