Livestock Worrying Incident 6th October

On 6th October on land surrounding Blackerton 3 sheep were found injured due to livestock worrying by a dog/s.  As a result of their injuries 2 of the sheep had to be destroyed and hopefully one will survive. Immediately prior to the first lamb being found 2 unaccompanied black cocker spaniels were seen yards away and they ran off in the direction of Cruwys Ball Farm. Please contact PCSO Vicky Randle (Details below) if you have any information.

Livestock worrying letter

10TH October 2021

Dear Owner/occupier

The local neighbourhood policing team have been made aware, by a local sheep farmer, that there has been an incident involving a dog attack on their sheep, CR/087146/21 refers. In this instance  sheep died as a result of their injuries.

Can I please remind you, that as dog owners it is your responsibility to make sure that your dogs are not able to access fields where there are livestock and that it is a criminal offence to allow your dog to worry livestock.

The Definition is as follows:-

Livestock worrying

It is a criminal offence under the Dogs (Protection of Livestock) Act 1953 if a person’s dog worries livestock on agricultural land. Worrying is defined as attacking livestock, chasing livestock in such a way that it may be reasonable to expect the dog to cause injury or suffering to livestock as well as abortion in female animals, and being at large (not under close control or on a lead) in a field or enclosure where there is livestock.

If you have any information regarding this incident, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Your co-operation in this matter is very much appreciated.

PCSO 30434 Vicky Randle

Tiverton Police station

( 101




Climate Emergency Report Network

The Parish Council has received the letter below. If anyone is interested in getting involved please contact Jill Larcombe, Clerk to the Parish Council, or 01884 252647

Dear Councillor

This email is going the clerks of all parish and town councils within the UNESCO-designated Biosphere Reserve of Northern Devon, all the places whose waters drain to the north coast.

Parish and Town Councils throughout the area are having to face the Climate Emergency. They realise that many of the solutions lie with Districts, with Counties, and with national and international action, but they also feel that local people must be involved at local level. It is time to do something. But what?

One action is a Climate Emergency Report Network. Each parish should appoint a person to report to the parish council every year, and also be one of a network of such reporters from every parish/town in the area. That way we can not only monitor what is happening in our place, but share ideas with others. It is really that simple.

The reporter may be a councillor, but this is not a requirement. They may have some experience in one of the many areas affecting the climate emergency, but certainly not all areas, and they may be supported by others. The report should not be limited to the actions of the Council, as probably many ideas and projects come from local groups and individuals. We are attaching a sheet which lists some of the areas that might be relevant to your patch, but reports will obviously reflect the reporter’s interests and the needs of the place.

Once the council has found a volunteer to take on this role—and in many places there will be existing groups very ready to be involved—they should give us a name, phone number and email, so that we can begin forming a network. We imagine that such a network, meeting occasionally on line as well as in reality, could really drive our responses to the Climate Emergency forward.

Please contact Peter Howard, in Winkleigh, on (or 01837 83362) or Peter Jollands in Littleham on  (or 01237 471564).