North Devon & Torridge – Settlement Evidence Base Surveys

North Devon and Torridge Council are currently undertaking a settlement study for the two districts and would like to utilise your knowledge of the settlements within your parish/town to support us in this work.

As part of our People and Place project, the settlement study will help inform the review of the North Devon and Torridge Local Plan which will set out the vision, strategies and policies to guide the future development of northern Devon. The study will provide an updated understanding of the role and function of urban and rural settlements across northern Devon by assessing a range of factors, including the level of provision and accessibility of services, facilities and employment opportunities. As well as assessing the relative sustainability of different settlements, this work will help us identify where improved provision of services, facilities and infrastructure may be required to help meet the current the needs of local communities and secure the long-term sustainability and viability of our rural areas.

There are two key aspects which we would welcome your assistance with:

·         A services and facilities survey:  we have compiled information on current services and facilities within each settlement within your parish. We would be grateful if you could check and where necessary update this information for each settlement.

·         A settlement sustainability survey:  this is intended to help us understand your views on a range of factors which may affect the sustainability of each settlement and the relationship with other settlements in the area. It follows on from the online community survey which was open to all residents of northern Devon and formed part of our launch of the People and Place project earlier this year.  We recognise that there may be a range of views in relation to the questions in this survey, therefore we would encourage you to consult your parish/town council members and, where possible come to a consensus view for each of the responses. If councillors wish to make individual responses, we would also welcome these.  Please make clear whether the response is on an individual basis or on behalf of a parish/town council.  Responses will not be made public but the data will be used, alongside the feedback from the community survey, to inform the settlement assessment.

You should find the two survey forms attached for each settlement in your parish (please let us know if any settlements are missing). You can complete the forms either by hand or electronically and return by post or email using the contact details below. We’d be grateful if you could provide responses to the surveys by Friday 5th August.

We are grateful for your assistance with this study and look forward to working with the towns and parishes as we move forward with the review of the Local Plan.  We will keep you updated on future opportunities for engagement and consultation as part of the wider People and Place project.  You can view the latest information on the People and Place project via the online portal.

If you have any questions regarding the surveys, the settlement study or the wider People and Place project, please do not hesitate to contact our planning policy teams using the details below.

Planning Policy
North Devon Council
Lynton House
Commercial Road
EX31 1DG

Planning Policy
Torridge District Council
Riverbank House
EX39 2QG

Sustainability survey form  East Anstey Services and Facilities Survey