Parish Council

 I hereby give notice that a Meeting of the Parish Council will take place on Wednesday 7th June 2017 at Allways End Methodist at 7.30pm

Councillors are required to attend.

Members of the public welcome 


  1. To receive apologies
  • Disclosure of interests in items on the agenda. Councillors are reminded of the  need to disclose any pecuniary interests or to declare an personal interests in any of the items to be discussed.
  1. To agree the minutes of the meeting held on the 3rd May 2017 as a true record of the meeting.
  2. Matters arising from the minutes, not covered on the agenda.
  3. Co-option of Councillor.
  4. To agree a Parish Council representative for the Community Centre Committee.
  5. Planning for the Village Fete – Standing Orders to be suspended for this item to allow members of the public to take part in the discussion.
  6. Public Question Time
  7. Planning
  8. a) To make a recommendation on any planning applications received by the council before the meeting.  62948 Continued siting of timber chalet to provide permanent Manager’s accommodation connected with the equestrian use of the site. Applicants: Mr T Mrs V Gosling, Whitemoor Equestrian Centre, East Anstey.
  9. b) To note any decisions made on planning applications by NDC
  10. c) Any other planning matter
  11. Highways
  12. a) To note, for reporting to DCC/SCC, any highways problems and to note worksthat have been carried out.
  13. b) Any other highways issues
  14. To receive the following reports:
  15. a) District Cllr – Cllr E Ley.
  16. b) County Cllr – Cllr Yabsley
  17. c) Police
  18. Finance
  19. a) To approve invoices for payment
  20. b) To agree the Annual Governance Statement
  21. c) To agree the Annual Accounts for 2016-17.
  22. d) To discuss the quotes for a new notice board.
  23. Play Area
  24. a) Any points to note from the weekly inspections
  25. b) To agree who will carry out inspections for the next month
  26. c) Purchase of replacement play equipment
  27. d) Any other matters arising
  28. Purchase of memorial bench and picnic table
  29. Update on installation of defibrillator and purchase of fridge magnets with keypad  code.
  30. Matters Brought Forward at the Discretion of the Chairman
  31. Correspondence received by the Parish Council
  32. Date of the next meeting: Wednesday 5th July.

Jill Larcombe 1st June 2017